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We promote a pupil’s all round development and personal academic excellence by providing a rich curriculum and by identifying and addressing individual needs

We provide a school environment where each child feels safe and valued 

We strive for children’s happiness, encouraging them to be enthusiastic learners prepared for the future

We foster in our pupils a confidence which enables them to think and act independently

We forge solid partnerships with parents (“PNEU”) and the wider community

Mission Statement

We recognise the individual needs of each child and promote every pupil’s intellectual, physical, social, moral, cultural and spiritual development.

We strive to enable all children to be happy and therefore to reach their full potential.

The school:

Provides a learning environment that encourages the development of each child within a broad & balanced curriculum

Recognises each child’s strengths and weaknesses and challenges or addresses them accordingly

Develops a child’s self-esteem in order to promote and foster independent learning

Employs well qualified staff who are personally committed to the ethos of our school

Encourages a close liaison with parents and the wider community


The roots of the school’s ethos are embedded in the philosophy of the Victorian educationalist Charlotte Mason and the work of the Parents’ National Education Union.



Present Parent

It is never easy starting school in the shadow of your elder sister and yet our daughter has been excited by it since day one. She amazes us with her attitude towards work and sport. This is in no small part to the excellent way your staff have cared for her and provided achievable challenges which she has really relished. I cannot recommend your school highly enough.

Present Parent

“the pace and variety of activities and learning initiatives going on across the school are stunning – highlights so far this term, definitely Zoo Lab and the wonderful array of costumes for Book Character Day making their way along Eton Road…”