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Eton End School is "a happy, caring and flourishing community where pupils from the Early Years Foundation Stage onwards receive high standards of education and are extremely well cared for".

These were the findings of the Independent Schools Inspectorate in June 2010, the most recent Independent Schools inspection at the school. The Inspectors spent a week at Eton End and were able to gain full insight into its unique character and ethos which have developed over the last three quarters of a century. The report gave credit to all that makes the school so special.

The School was found to be fully compliant with regulatory requirements, both those of the School Standards Regulations 2003 and those of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Inspection Report made special mention of the following:

The school is one where "pupils gain a strong grounding in knowledge and understanding and skills”.

Pupils impressed the inspectors with their approach to learning which was described as “extremely positive" and "with evident enjoyment and enthusiasm".

Pupil behaviour was found to be outstanding: "Their conduct and manners are exemplary and they enjoy excellent relationships among themselves and with the teachers".

The spiritual, moral social and cultural development of pupils was deemed "outstanding across all ages" as were the pupils’ moral attitudes. They were also considered to be "extremely well developed socially".

Inspectors also commented very favourably on the school’s leadership: "The quality of leadership and management throughout the school, including the EYFS, is excellent".

The full report can be viewed by following the link below:

Eton End School ISI Report June 2010 (PDF, 144KB)

Eton End School ISI Report June 2016 (PDF, 701KB)


Past Parent

As a family we have always felt so welcome and been deeply impressed by the warm and friendly atmosphere you have all created at Eton End. Our daughter has flourished under your care and leaves a confident and thoughtful girl whose love of school and learning will stand her in good stead at her senior school.

Present Grandparent

Thank you Eton End for your guidance in the lives of our two delightful granddaughters. From a very grateful Grandmother & Grandpop’.