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In the Nursery & Reception classes, History is taught under the umbrella of “Knowledge and Understanding of the World”. It is studied alongside Geography in the Pre-Prep Department where lessons are based around a number of different themes. This thematic approach to lessons helps younger children explore topics such as the Ancient Egyptians through a study of the importance of the River Nile in ancient times. By Year 3 History is taught as a subject in its own right. Topics follow on chronologically as the children progress through the school, ending in Year 6 with a project-based study of life in Britain since the 1940s.

Exploring the Past is Fun

Lessons allow children to explore periods of history using books, multi-media resources, drama and the Internet. The children are encouraged to question what they learn and debates often form part of lessons. A number of trips are arranged each year to support topics covered in lessons; these include the Verulamium Museum in St Albans, the British Museum, Windsor Castle, the Imperial War Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Links between Eton End School and Eton College enable our children to visit The College to see artefacts and rooms normally not open to the public.  Drama groups and actors wearing contemporary costume also visit the school to give specific year groups a taste of the periods of history they are studying.

History is Everywhere

History is not taught in isolation at Eton End and cross-curricular links are made wherever possible. History has been shaped and to a great extent dictated by Geography and reference to this is made in lessons. Further links are made with PSHEE especially during the topic “Children’s Lives during World War II” and the life and legacy of Anne Frank. Eton End pupils are encouraged to be aware of the history which surrounds them in their everyday lives and to reflect upon the changes made in the past which have resulted in the world we know today.


Present Nursery Parent

Thank you for inviting me to Nursery registration yesterday. It was splendid to see my son so happy, settled and at ease. You must have the patience of saints!

Present Nursery Parent

The calm and supportive atmosphere you create, your genuine enthusiasm and the positive structure of the activities were all immediately evident. We could not be happier with the care and development our child is receiving.