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Learning support is available at Eton End for those children requiring extra help with Numeracy and Literacy or with physical, sensory or emotional difficulties.

Children are all unique:

The majority of pupils will have their needs met through normal classroom arrangements and high quality teaching, with appropriate differentiation. Where appropriate, additional strategies and support will be agreed with parents and put in place. This could include individual or group support. Please note that individual support may incur an additional charge.

Everyone is good at something:

Children are encouraged to think about their individual strengths, talents and abilities, in addition to the things that they do not find so easy.

Learning should be fun:

Multi-sensory teaching and over-learning activities include many opportunities for physical, creative and art activities, as many of the children have visual and kinaesthetic learning preferences. These activities encourage a sense that learning can be fun.

Thinking skills:

Children are encouraged to think through solutions to problems or mistakes encountered and to consider how they can approach their own learning in the most positive way for themselves. They are encouraged to learn about ways that they, as individuals, learn best.


Parents are welcomed into the department to discuss their child’s progress or any concerns they may have at any time. The good relationships with parents that form the home/school partnership are of particular value in the Inclusion Department.

Teachers also work very closely with the Head of Inclusion to ensure that lessons are tailored to the needs of your child.

Outside specialists:

The Inclusion department works with a range of outside specialists who visit the school at different times. We do offer emotional support through the Head of Inclusion or an Emotional Literacy Practitioner who works at Eton End one day a week.

Please note that specialist support may incur an additional charge.



Present Parent

It is never easy starting school in the shadow of your elder sister and yet our daughter has been excited by it since day one. She amazes us with her attitude towards work and sport. This is in no small part to the excellent way your staff have cared for her and provided achievable challenges which she has really relished. I cannot recommend your school highly enough.

Past Parent

We have watched our daughter grow into the wonderful young lady she now is, and in no small part that is down to you and your team at school. The help, support, advice and encouragement that has been provided has been amazing and we will all miss Eton End enormously.