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From the early years children at Eton End study the major world religions, several of which are represented within our school. The representation of different religious faiths enriches the life of the school and the children are encouraged to participate in events and assemblies which celebrate common religious festivals.

The approach adopted in lessons is objective and we consider similarities between various faiths as well as differences. The children are introduced to the origins, sacred texts, basic beliefs and worship practices of each religion without assuming that any one particular faith is right or 'the norm'. The children are encouraged to explore their own feelings, experiences and beliefs whilst listening to those of their peers during discussions which often tackle thought-provoking topical issues.

In lessons there are strong links with other areas of the curriculum including PSHEE, Drama, Art and Music.

In recent years the children have visited a variety of religious establishments including Reading Synagogue, Neasden Mandir and St Mary's Church, Datchet. They have also attended a workshop on 'Sacred Texts' at the British Library.


Past Parent

I would personally like to thank you for your care and kind friendly atmosphere you have created at Eton End as well as the high educational standards you adhere to. I would not hesitate in recommending Eton End School to friends or potential parents.

Past Parent

Thank you so much for an excellent Eton End experience. You all have truly been inspirational in the lives of our three daughters. We have loved our time at Eton End and take with us many fond memories.