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Mission Statement 

Science learning at Eton End aims to encourage a lifelong appreciation and interest in science and develop questioning minds through enjoyable, hands-on activities, which inspire children to investigate the world around them and follow their own interest. They will begin to appreciate the way in which science will affect their futures on a personal, national and global level.

Aims and Objectives of the Science Department

At Eton End, the aim is to stimulate and develop in children, curiosity, enjoyment, skills and a growing understanding and application of science to the world they live in. By following a practical investigative approach, children can develop an enthusiastic, enquiring mind. Each child can enjoy the learning process, enhance their self-esteem and increase their overall confidence in the subject.

Aims in teaching Science

  • To encourage children to have a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them, asking and answering questions with confidence
  • To improve their observational skills, especially of close up objects, their measuring and recording skills
  • To develop a respect for the environment and living things both locally and globally
  • To include in lessons the opportunity to plan and carry out scientific investigations, using equipment correctly and safely. Children work collaboratively in a group, develop their skills in a variety of roles and also work independently
  • To ensure that every child receives an equal opportunity to develop their scientific knowledge and understanding and their working scientifically skills
  • To develop language skills through talking and communicating about their work, presenting their own ideas and findings in written exercises and as presentations in class or assemblies.
  • To reflect upon and evaluate evidence, present their conclusions clearly and accurately using scientific language and diagrams, tables and graphs
  • To ensure that children make progress commensurate with their ability
  • To ensure that children cover the Common Entrance and National Curriculum syllabus thoroughly and that they are well prepared for their examinations.

Science provides pupils with the understanding that they need to care for themselves, their environment, and to make responsible decisions in an increasingly technological and scientific world.


Present Parent

The high quality of the teachers and lessons has helped our daughter achieve success.  At Eton End it's not only learning about Maths, English etc., but being above all a decent human being. We are so pleased that our daughter is receiving the best Education at Eton End.

Past Parent

As a family we have always felt so welcome and been deeply impressed by the warm and friendly atmosphere you have all created at Eton End. Our daughter has flourished under your care and leaves a confident and thoughtful girl whose love of school and learning will stand her in good stead at her senior school.