Throughout Year 3, we aim to continue to develop creativity, securing knowledge from KS1 and particularly independence; preparing the children for further responsibilities as they move through the school. Predominantly, Year 3 is seen as a transitional year group between KS1 and KS2, allowing the children the time to familiarise themselves with the new routine and expectations.


In Year 3, we aim to promote a love of language by enabling the children to access a variety of books and texts. We hope to focus on highlighting key fiction and non-fiction writing genres including; recipes, adventure stories, newspaper articles, poetry and letters to name a few. It is vital that the children are writing for a purpose, therefore performing and displaying their writing is a key part of their learning. By the end of the year we expect the pupils to be confident in a range of writing styles.  For that reason, we also want the pupils to understand that writing is a process, which means there is an expectation of independent planning and drafting. Additionally, we encourage the children to gain confidence in using a variety of punctuation securely, as well as accurate spelling and grammar through weekly Phonics and SPAG lessons.


Throughout Year 3 we aim to encourage curiosity and confidence in number, shape and measurement. We focus highly on the children becoming secure in adding and subtracting numbers particularly up to one thousand, inspiring them to try a variety of both mental and written strategies. Also, we want the children to succeed in knowing all of their times tables by the end of the year and we do so by using a variety of games, songs, rewarding certificates and using other resources.  


In Year 3 we hope to extend the pupils’ knowledge of the world around them by learning about Europe, North America and comparing these places to their local area. This enables them to compare and contrast lives that are different from their own.


We focus on exploring Great Britain between the 5th and 11th Century, learning about the lives of the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. The enthusiasm for learning about this period of history comes from the interesting debates, projects and investigations that we will have throughout the year.


The pupils’ well-being is vital to enabling them to reach their full potential. Therefore, in Year 3 it is important that we continue to teach the pupils the skills and strategies to manage their relationships with others. The pupils will be guided and supported as they move throughout the school.

Irish Dancing

Along with many other sports, several of the Year 3 pupils have taken part in the Irish Dancing Club offered after school and have shown great enthusiasm and spirit for this style of dancing. Irish Dancing encourages both enjoyment and discipline, as well as team work to produce a fantastic group dance. Also, it has taught the pupils that you can achieve anything if you work hard and allowed them to showcase something they have a passion for to the school.



Present Grandparent

Thank you Eton End for your guidance in the lives of our two delightful granddaughters. From a very grateful Grandmother & Grandpop’.

Present Grandparent

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit your school last week as part of Grandparents day. I could never have imagined the amount of hard work and dedication that is needed and was shown by yourself and your team.

I am personally grateful for the high standards of care, attention and education that my grandson is receiving.