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As part of the extra-curricular programme for our pupils, during the school day at break and lunch-times there are rehearsals for the choir, music and dance groups.

Extra maths, english and science opportunities (during the autumn term) together with library open times that allow time to read, exchange books or perhaps enter into a game of chess in this quiet environment.

After school we have a full timetable of craft, drama, sport and activity clubs run by our teaching staff. We also have a number of coaching specialists that visit the school; these may include LAMDA drama classes, Gymnastics, Street Dance, Futsal for the boys plus Golf or Tennis.

There is no charge for clubs and activities run by our staff but when a specialist coach is employed there will be an additional charge.

The programme often changes each term to offer variety and new opportunities as well as favourites.

The after-school activities generally run from 3.45pm until 4.45pm and pupils will be offered refreshments in the dining room between 3.30pm and 3.45pm.


Present Grandparent

Thank you Eton End for your guidance in the lives of our two delightful granddaughters. From a very grateful Grandmother & Grandpop’.

Present Parent

The approach shown by our daughter’s teacher shows professionalism and dedication well above what we could expect. It is clear that she takes a lot of time and care to understand the children in her class and to tailor her teaching and personal approach accordingly.