ISI Inspection Report

The ISI school inspection report, May 2019, awarded Eton End the highest possible grade of ‘EXCELLENT IN ALL AREAS’.

In summary, this means that Eton End School has been awarded the highest possible result in each of the following categories:

· The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements: EXCELLENT

· The quality of the pupils’ personal development: EXCELLENT

· Compliance with the DfE school’s regulations: FULLY COMPLIANT

There are many aspects of this report that we are extremely proud of and the key findings really highlight the strengths of the school:

· Pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding are highly developed and applied successfully across the curriculum.

· Pupils’ communication skills are excellent. They speak articulately, listen attentively and write effectively.

· Pupils display excellent attitudes to learning from an early age.

· Pupils reach above average standards of attainment across the curriculum, especially in English, Mathematics and Science.

· Pupils display strong self-confidence, resilience and a commitment to improve their learning and performance in readiness for the next stage of their lives.

· Pupils accept responsibility for their own behaviour, with a clear sense of right and wrong, and show kindness and consideration towards others.

· Pupils display excellent social awareness and collaborate very effectively for the benefit of all.

· Pupils’ respect and tolerance for others are excellent.

Inspectors also commented very favourably on the school’s leadership: "The quality of leadership and management throughout the school, including the EYFS, is excellent".

The full report can be viewed by following the link below:

Eton End School ISI Report June 2016 (701KB)

Eton End School ISI Report May 2019 (295KB)

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