Peripatetic Music Lessons

Music is held in high esteem at Eton End and, as such, our wide music curriculum is complemented by a programme of peripatetic (private) instrumental lessons. If ready to learn, children from Year 1 may begin to have lessons on the drums, flute, piano or violin.

From Year 2 children can also begin to learn the guitar, trumpet or have singing lessons.

All children are encouraged to take up an instrument within school if they would like to. Across the year, pupils can share their learning with peers in class music lessons. Some Pre-Prep pupils perform in a small concert for parents and Prep children can sign up to perform in our half termly concerts too.

As children develop their skills, they may be invited to join the flute, guitar or violin groups who perform at different school events. Children who are part of a music group may also be invited to take part in the Eton End Ensemble which is organised by the Head of Music to perform at different events throughout the year.

Many children then go on to achieve great success in Associated Board examinations as they develop their musical skills.

Currently, we offer lessons with our Peripatetic Music teachers for the following instruments (at an additional cost):

  • Flute

  • Guitar

  • Piano

  • Singing

  • Trumpet

  • Violin

  • Drums

The lessons take place during the school day on a planned rolling programme, which is displayed well in advance of their lessons. For further information please do contact the Director of Music, who will happily advise you accordingly. [email protected]

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