Pre Prep

Incorporating Reception, Year 1 and 2, Pre Prep is where our children begin their formal learning journey. We ensure all children are offered rich, challenging and fun experiences in a secure and friendly environment. To keep learning exciting, a series of topic-based approaches is used. By linking separate subjects under the umbrella of a topic, the learning is fun and stimulating.

As the pupils progress through the department lessons become more subject orientated and less topic based however.  This creative and gradual approach to the curriculum benefits from good quality enrichment activities too; the curriculum is skills based and knowledge supported.


Eton End’s Pre Prep Department continues to thrive; pupils are stimulated, fascinated and challenged.


Specialist lessons are introduced at an early stage; from Reception, children have French on the timetable, as well as specialist taught Music and Physical Education. As the pupils move into Year 1, swimming at Eton College pool is added to the sporting curriculum. In Year 2 Art and DT are taught in the Art Room by the specialist teacher. This measured approach to subject teaching enables the children to benefit from form based learning and teacher expertise.

Learning for our pupils is motivational and successful, enabling them to grow in confidence and become independent learners and thinkers; pupils learn best when they feel valued and safe. Emotional literacy is valued as highly as academic success. Effective pastoral arrangements mean that pupils are secure in asking for help and guidance when required; growth mind-set is a focus and assessment is a tool for monitoring progress and advise ‘next step’ learning.  Pupils are encouraged to take on responsibility from an early stage, for example, School Council, and are proud both of their own achievements and those of their peers.


I am, I can, I ought, I will


Qualified teachers, small class sizes and generous teaching assistant support allows us to give the best education to every child, from those needing a little intervention to those who demonstrate exceptional talents that need to be nurtured. Staff know the pupils extremely well, inspiring them to live up to the school motto, ‘I am, I can, I ought, I will’.