Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

At Eton End we have a supportive and nurturing philosophy which focuses on the individual child. Children need to feel happy, safe and valued and that they are treated fairly. Small class sizes and a strong pastoral approach mean trusting and empathic relationships between pupils, staff and parents are developed.

Pupils care for each other too; the importance of respect for each other is taught from an early age. The children are all part of the House system (Ash, Beech, Elm and Oak) which is grouped vertically across the school.  Children work collaboratively within their house teams as well as competitively against the others in inter house competitions.

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We aim to make Pastoral Care and Citizenship implicit in everyday school life in order to promote and support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each child and to prepare all pupils for the opportunities and responsibilities of life, including an understanding of Fundamental British Values.   

We provide for the children's wellbeing by supporting their personal and social and emotional development in the following ways:

  • We strive to enable all children to be happy and therefore to reach their full potential.
  • We provide a learning environment that encourages the development of each child within a broad & balanced curriculum.
  • We recognise each child’s strengths and weaknesses and challenge or address them accordingly.
  • We aim to develop a child’s self-esteem and resilience in order to promote and foster independent learning.

The PSED and PSHEE programmes provide life lessons for our pupils: health and wellbeing, personal and social development, and preparation for being an active member of the wider world. From the youngest in Nursery, to the oldest in Y6, staff provide a high standard of support, guidance and care.

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