The Nursery is situated at the heart of the school community. For children to become successful learners, they need to feel happy, safe and secure in their everyday learning world.

Emphasis is placed on providing a positive environment within which we enable the children to become active and competent learners. Communication between school and home is open and consistent.

Qualified practitioners, on-going assessment and healthy class sizes allows us to modify learning to meet the needs of the individual child.

Children are naturally imaginative and inquisitive and we encourage and support this by providing stimulating activities through purposeful play. Outdoor activity is as valued as classroom-based learning and our children enjoy the space they have to explore. Educational visits and in-house parent activities are also enjoyed and enhance learning opportunities.

We accept children as rising threes and these, our youngest pupils, join our Woodpeckers group. Parents choose a minimum of three sessions (morning or afternoon), often increasing the number of sessions (subject to availability) as the year progresses. The Sparrows and Starlings groups are for children who turn four during the academic year. Children attend for a minimum of five week day sessions (morning or afternoon) and may elect to stay for the full school day too - lunch is provided.

Our Nursery pupils all wear school uniform which is designed for comfort and independence.