Core Subjects

Take a closer look into the core subjects we teach at Eton End. These include; English, Mathematics, Science and Eco-School. 


Through English lessons, we aim to encourage creativity, foster a love of literature and language and develop confidence in communicating through the written word.

Throughout the course of their academic life at Eton End, pupils study a wealth of authors and texts and are taught to use a wide range of writing styles. We aim to promote an enjoyment of literature and encourage class debate, focused discussion and the confidence to articulate opinions and preferences.


At Eton End, we aim to enrich and enhance the experience of mathematics, to inspire confidence and encourage risk taking by building upon the natural ability and curiosity of our pupils. Emphasis is placed on ensuring Mathematics is seen as being relevant to everyday life, essential as a tool to illuminating other curriculum subjects and as a subject which is creative in the abstract world of ideas.

Every opportunity is given for practical tasks and pupils are encouraged to talk about Mathematics. Activities are accessible to everyone, but give scope for further challenge and extension, fostering a sense of success in pupils of all levels of ability.


Science at Eton End provides children with the opportunities to explore, discover and learn about the world they live in by following a practical investigative approach. Children use and develop their scientific skills and knowledge through the wide range of activities both inside and outside of the classroom. The aim is to stimulate and develop in children a sense of curiosity, enjoyment and a questioning mind that leads to an increasing understanding and application of Science to the world they live in. In this way they will grow into caring and responsible citizens who are able to make educated decisions for themselves, about their health and wellbeing and the environment in the increasingly technological and scientific world we live in.

Environmental Awareness

Our environmental vision at Eton End is to encourage children to have a raised awareness of the impact that humans can have on an environment and what each and every one of us can do to help reduce any negative effects of this impact. The children's ideas are valued and actioned through a variety of roles within the school such as Green Guardians, Pond Patrol, Gardening Gang as well as through national organisations and campaigns such as the Royal Horticultural Society and 'Switch off Fortnight'. We are proud to have received Level 2 of the ‘School Gardening’ awards recently, for our effort in maintaining and developing the school gardening areas to produce vegetables to eat and flowering plants to increase visits of pollinators. Plastic waste reduction and biodiversity are just two of many areas that the children are working on to improve life at Eton End and the wider community.