Prep School

At Eton End we take great pride in the breadth of our Prep School curriculum, enabling us to recognise and encourage our pupils’ strengths across a wide range of subjects inside and outside of the classroom. Our rigorous, inspirational classroom teaching in academic subjects is enhanced and complemented by creative and physical subjects – Art, Music, Sport and Drama – giving children a balanced, rounded education.

This happens in a happy and secure learning environment where they are valued and respected as individuals.  The children are encouraged to develop lively, enquiring minds where they question and discuss rather than merely accept.

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The first two years of Prep school life are form tutor based to ensure strong academic, pastoral and social progress. However, pupils will still be taught by specialist teachers in Sport, Music, Art, Languages, Science and Drama. It is at this stage that pupils will start playing sport competitively, with matches and tournaments against other schools becoming a regular highlight. Pupils will also be given opportunities to join musical groups such as the Choir, Chamber Choir and instrumental groups.  The final two years of the Prep school are overseen by a form teacher to continue the high quality of pastoral care and social development but all subjects are taught by specialist teachers to help prepare pupils for the academic rigours of Senior School.

The education we provide is broad, balanced and exciting, supporting pupils to discover their full range of talents and skills.  Pupils will acquire knowledge and understanding of the world around them, which will equip them for future challenges. We prepare our pupils (and their parents) for 11+ Common Entrance or Scholarship examinations to a wide range of senior schools and local grammar schools. Please see Year 6 Destination Schools 2023 and Academic Data 2023 for further information.

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