Art & Design

A sense of wonder and enquiry is something to be treasured and should be developed in every child. We believe that one of the best ways of doing this is through art and design.

At Eton End School, pupils have specialist teaching in a purpose-built art and design technology room, from Year 2. Here they can develop their aesthetic sensibilities and creative skills, using a wide range of traditional and digital media and tools. They engage in three half-termly units of work with an artistic emphasis and three which are more technological.

We arrange regular visits to galleries and museums, which contextualise pupils’ work and broaden their experience of the subject. Inter-house competitions encourage them to see it as something to be enjoyed outside school for its’ own sake and there are extra-curricular clubs, which provide more opportunities for this to happen.

The colour and vibrancy of the children’s work enhances the school environment and reflects their engagement in and enjoyment of art and design at Eton End.

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