Able, More Able & Talented

At Eton End School we ensure all children are recognised for their strengths and talents, we work hard to make sure such strengths are nurtured and challenged to provide opportunities allowing children to reach their full potential. Such abilities and talents may be identified when children perform above expectations for their age or if they demonstrate particular strengths or talents.

We define More Able/Gifted as children who are achieving or have the potential to achieve in advance of their peers in one or more academic subjects. We define talented pupils as those children who have enhanced creative, musical, sporting or artistic ability.

Provision is made for these children in the individual teacher’s daily planning; work is differentiated to make sure that all children, of whatever ability, are encouraged to do as well as they can.

In addition to extension and challenge during lessons, our most able pupils are involved with specialist projects. We keep a record of activities provided for our most able children to ensure that they regularly receive the additional challenge they need.

We aim to keep all parents fully updated on a child’s progress and achievements through both formal and informal meetings.  We encourage parents and carers to show interest in their child’s learning, share enthusiasm for study, encourage homework, undertake visits to libraries and museum’s to inspire children and help them reach their full potential.

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