Our Approach to Learning

High aspirations are fundamental to our approach to learning at Eton End School. We want our children to discover a ‘love of learning’ which inspires them to take risks and challenge themselves within a nurturing, safe and secure environment.

Creative Teaching

Creative teaching, delivered by passionate teachers, ensures that the learning experience is active and engaging for all ages and abilities. There are exciting opportunities for children to pursue their strengths and interests both inside and outside of the curriculum.  In addition, we encourage children to develop their curiosity, confidence, resilience, independence and perseverance when meeting new challenges. Our teaching and learning develops each pupils' self-efficacy skills, understanding and demonstration of integrity, self-awareness, respect, humility and empathy. 

Our Learners

Our learners are confident communicators; they are creative, resourceful and inquisitive. They show empathy towards others and follow our motto ‘I am, I can, I ought, I will

Exciting and Engaging Learning

Exciting and engaging learning takes place inside the Nursery, Pre Prep and Prep School classrooms, the school grounds, the Art and Design room, the ICT suite, the Science Laboratories, the Music block, the Sports Hall, the Games fields, the Library, the playgrounds, in prep, at meal times and in assemblies. In fact, exciting learning happens all around us at Eton End, all day and every day.

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