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Eton End is a family school where the friendly, caring ethos goes hand in hand with high standards and outstanding academic success. The school stands for a solid foundation in education yet the importance of a happy and memorable childhood is never forgotten. Our stimulating environment encourages in the pupils an enthusiasm for learning, confidence in themselves and consideration for others. A strong emphasis is placed on good manners and thoughtfulness. 

The school’s ethos is that of developing life skills: the ability to learn and use information; social confidence and making friends; forming sensible judgements, trusting wisely, thinking for yourself and becoming gently assertive. Our children learn that every person is an important and valuable member.  

We have the benefit of small classes which allow individual learning and personal attention. Lessons from class and specialist teachers incorporate a wide range of multi-sensory activities and strategies to aid learning. The team is complemented by experienced teaching assistants, who, together with the teachers, regularly attend courses for professional development. 

We are spoilt for the space which our lovely, semi-wooded site affords us; our children play amongst nature and enjoy their breaks from the classroom in an idyllic setting. There are two tennis / netball courts and a large field for athletics, cricket, football and rounders. Our links with Eton College include the use of its Lower Chapel and the College swimming pool. Thames Valley Athletics Centre is very close too and offers a world class sporting facility on our doorstep.

Sporting, musical and dramatic opportunities are vast and pupils have the chance to shine in matches and performances. Art and creativity feature highly too as they are at the very heart of the PNEU philosophy on which the school was founded.

Broadly Christian in ethos, we welcome all faiths and celebrate other faith festivals. Our aim is to promote an awareness of spiritual values. We consider our morning assemblies to be an integral part of school life as they present moral, cultural and topical themes in a simple and meaningful way.


Past Parent

One of the main reasons we selected Eton End at the outset was the homely and loving feel about the school. The teachers have helped develop my daughter’s confidence and character. She has blossomed and wants to achieve more. For this I shall always be indebted.

Present Nursery Parent

The calm and supportive atmosphere you create, your genuine enthusiasm and the positive structure of the activities were all immediately evident. We could not be happier with the care and development our child is receiving.