Effective 1st September 2017

Fledglings (ages 2-3)

Children may join our ‘Fledglings’ during the academic term of their 3rd birthday. 'Fledglings' must attend Nursery for a minimum of three mornings per week. Morning sessions may be extended to full days subject to availability.

Mornings (ages 2-3) (hours 08:40 to 12:20) £ 1,910  all weekday mornings, per term
Minimum of 3 mornings per week  £ 382  per morning, per term
Full days (ages 2-3) (hours 08:40 to 15:30) £ 3,065  all full weekdays, per term
    £ 613  per full day, per term

Skylarks (ages 3-4)

‘Skylarks’ are required to attend Nursery on every weekday morning during term time. Morning sessions may be extended to full days subject to availability.

Mornings (ages 3-4) (hours 08:40 to 12:20) £ 1,910  all weekday mornings, per term
Supplement to increase mornings to full days £ 231 additional per day, per term
Full days (ages 3-4) (hours 08:40 to 15:30) £ 3,065  all full weekdays, per term

Nursery Education Free Provision

Nursery Education Free Provision of up to fifteen hours per week is currently provided at Eton End School and is available for children aged three and over and ceases at the end of the academic term in which they reach the age of five. The maximum ‘Free Provision’ is offered at the rate of three hours per morning over five mornings per week in accordance with the funding agreement between Eton End School and the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and must be taken as part of the School’s longer morning sessions. The ‘Free Provision’ is not offered to children under the age of three.

Nursery Lunches

Nursery Lunches are prepared in-house by our professional caterers and are provided for all children staying for full day sessions under the supervision of our Nursery team. Nursery lunches are charged at £275 per term or pro-rata according to attendance.

Pre-School & After School Care

Pre-School & After School Care for our ‘Fledglings’ and ‘Skylarks’ children is available from 08:00 each weekday morning until Nursery commences at 08:40 and from 15:30 until 17:30 in our ‘Play Club’ and ‘Late Supervision’ groups. Full details and charges of these childcare facilities are available from the School Office.

Pupil's Accident Insurance

Pupil’s Accident Insurance is included without charge for all children at Eton End throughout the whole School. The Pupil’s Accident Insurance covers your child, or children, against accidental injury leading to a permanent disability in accordance with the rules of the scheme and the scale of benefits provided.

Younger Sibling Discounts

Younger Sibling Discounts of 5% from Nursery and School nett fees are available for second children attending concurrently with an older sibling. An additional 5% discount is available off the nett fees for third children attending with two older siblings at Eton End School. Any portion of fees subject to statutory or grant funding, bursaries, scholarships or any other concessions will not be eligible for Younger Sibling Discounts.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare Vouchers may be presented for payment of fees for all children under five years of age. The vouchers may also be used for pre-school and after-school care for older children in strict accordance with the prevailing rules of the scheme imposed by ‘Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs’.

Direct debits are processed via the ‘BACS’ service up to ten working days prior to the monthly or termly collection date on the fifth of each month. Childcare vouchers credited after direct debits have been initiated will be held in the parents’ fee account against future liabilities. Excess voucher payments cannot be refunded unless the child is leaving the School.

Please note that the School cannot pre-empt receipt of childcare vouchers under any circumstances.

Registration Fees

A Registration Fee of £100.00 will be required at the time of initial registration of a child. This Registration Fee is non-refundable in any instance.


A Deposit of £300.00 must accompany the Acceptance Agreement when accepting the Offer of a place. This Acceptance Deposit may be refunded when the child leaves the roll of Eton End provided that all fees and disbursements are fully paid and the child has not been withdrawn prior to the end of the Nursery Skylarks academic year.

Payment of Fees

Payment of Fees must be made in full no later than the commencement of each academic term by direct debit or by other means acceptable to the school.

For parents wishing to pay their fees by instalments, ‘School Fee Plan’ provided by Premium Credit offers an easy monthly payment facility which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Details of registering for the ‘School Fee Plan’ is available from the School Office or via the ‘School Fee Plan’ website: www.premiumcredit.co.uk/school-fees/parents.

The School reserves the right to impose charges for any failed direct debit, bank credit or cheque payment. Statutory interest will be applied on overdue accounts.

Notice of Withdrawal

Notice of Withdrawal of a child must be given in writing to the Headmistress offering a minimum of one full term’s notice in advance of the child’s leaving date, otherwise Fees in Lieu of Notice will be incurred as specified in the School’s Terms & Conditions. A written Notice of Withdrawal must be received prior to the commencement of the child’s proposed final School Term.


Past Parent

We have watched our daughter grow into the wonderful young lady she now is, and in no small part that is down to you and your team at school. The help, support, advice and encouragement that has been provided has been amazing and we will all miss Eton End enormously.

Present Grandparent

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit your school last week as part of Grandparents day. I could never have imagined the amount of hard work and dedication that is needed and was shown by yourself and your team.

I am personally grateful for the high standards of care, attention and education that my grandson is receiving.

Fee Tariff Downloads

An Adobe Acrobat file Fee Tariff 2017-2018