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Swimming at Eton College Indoor Pool 

KS2 pupils have a swimming lesson once a week and KS1 pupils have a 1 hour weekly swimming lesson for half of the year.

Swimming lessons are taught by staff with the relevant swimming and First Aid qualifications. The pupils are grouped carefully by the teaching staff according to ability. There are three ability groups per session. Pupils are assessed at the beginning of term and are continuously monitored to ensure they are in the correct swimming group.

The children are either dropped at the pool by their parents and return to school by bus or are transported to and from the pool by bus. The children are accompanied by teaching staff.

There is an annual Swimming Gala in the Summer Term for the Year 3 to Year 6 pupils. 

All pupils participate in:

  • 25m front crawl race
  • 25m back crawl race
  • 25m breast stroke race

Some children are chosen to perform in relay races.

At the end of each term the children have a ‘fun swim’ session and there are also opportunities for children to attend swimming galas as part of the extra-curricular sports fixtures.


Eton End is fortunate to have the services of a professional dance teacher at the school each week, and all pupils (Nursery Fledglings to Year 6) have the opportunity to have a dance lesson as part of the school curriculum.

Pupils learn to interpret music through dance and enjoy structured lessons in a variety of dance forms. These lessons are very popular. The dance teacher choreographs both boys’ and girls’ routines that are incorporated into the various school plays and performances.

Those pupils identified with a particular aptitude for dance are invited by the dance teacher to join an additional dance class. This class gives the opportunity to explore additional aspects of dance and for the pupils to be exposed to more advanced steps and routines.


Present Grandparent

Thank you Eton End for your guidance in the lives of our two delightful granddaughters. From a very grateful Grandmother & Grandpop’.

Present Nursery Parent

Thank you for inviting me to Nursery registration yesterday. It was splendid to see my son so happy, settled and at ease. You must have the patience of saints!