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Pupils at Eton End are encouraged to wear their school uniform with pride. The correct uniform should be worn at all times and parents should refer to the latest published list for full details.

Items should be purchased from the school outfitters Billing & Edmonds in Eton High Street or The Friends of Eton End, unless otherwise stated.

Second Hand Uniform

Second hand uniform sales are organised by the Friends of Eton End. They are held each term in the school library. See Uniform Sales Dates for details.


Present Parent

It is never easy starting school in the shadow of your elder sister and yet our daughter has been excited by it since day one. She amazes us with her attitude towards work and sport. This is in no small part to the excellent way your staff have cared for her and provided achievable challenges which she has really relished. I cannot recommend your school highly enough.

Present Parent

“the pace and variety of activities and learning initiatives going on across the school are stunning – highlights so far this term, definitely Zoo Lab and the wonderful array of costumes for Book Character Day making their way along Eton Road…”